The Connecto™ System is an innovation that provides children and adults with the ability to use their imagination to expand the way they interact, create and play with the modern-day building block. Connecto™ provides the ability for users to either enhance pre-existing building sets, such as Lego®, by adding dimensionality and flexibility to designs and creations, or on its own with individual build-it-yourself kits. Its innovative and patent-pending technology allows one to create more organically, beyond the restrictions of today’s building blocks.

The Lynx™ is a posable building block with bendable capabilities that allow it to retain its configuration over an innumerable variety of positions. It allows users to expand and enhance the capabilities & interactivity of building blocks/the modern building block, such as forming limbs/appendages or as a multi-positional stand for posing building block projects. With the Lynx™ component of the Connecto™, you can introduce the ability to add unlimited choice of angles and motion to make your creation more exciting, dynamic and fun!

The Lynx™ possesses a versatility and strength that can unlock the potential of a user’s imagination. The wire and the bendable adapters take the place of multiple Lego® pieces that are used to add motion giving the user more range, versatility and ultimately, more creativity.


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