Continuing with our theme of revolutionizing the building block industry, we will be introducing a secondary set of components called the Base™, Centari™, and Duo™. These refer to never-before seen snap-fit interconnecting building block components that were specifically invented to replace all known building block toy joints. They may look small, but each one possesses the versatile posable positioning and strength properties that are a hallmark of the Lynx™ Connecto™ toy and can replace all of the older components that builders everywhere have been forced to use by existing toy companies.

The limited capabilities of current joint blocks are able to be replaced with enhanced functionality by the more modern Connecto™ System joint pieces.

In combination with one another, the Lynx™, along with the upcoming Base™, Centari™, and Duo™, can provide a seemingly limitless environment for your ideas and innovations to really come alive with endless methods of motion and versatility.  


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