Let your imagination lead you to streams flowing in a dense forest, bamboo thickets, or dense mangrove swamps where, if you’re lucky, you will find the elusive Cobra-Connecto.

Build our super flexible Cobra-Connecto that really emphasizes the ways in which The Connecto™ Lynx™ truly enhances the way in which you create and play.

The Cobra-Connecto set is made up of 112 pieces along with 4 Connecto™ Lynx™.

Endless poses mean endless possibilities for this fully bendable figure that could propel you into countless journeys and adventures. The only limit to what the The Persono-Connecto™ can do is your imagination!

Standing at an impressive 9 1/2′” tall, the Persono-Connecto™ is a mannequin-type figure whose interactivity knows no bounds thanks to our Connecto™ Lynx™.

The Persono-Connecto™ set is made up of 172 pieces along with 8 Connecto™ Lynx™.


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