The origin of The Connecto™ System began as early as the 1980’s, when I was a young boy, who sought a better way to play. Growing up, I learned that action figures could not connect with building blocks, bendable toys are not very good action figures, and building blocks break apart when you put them into action.  It was clear to me that the rules that applied to building blocks, action figures, and bendable toys were so different, it almost seemed as if they were engineered to never work together. As I got older, the problem I discovered remained even as the toys changed. But even at my young age, I knew there was a better way. I wanted to combine elements of my favorite types of toys into one world, but learned that they simply didn’t work together in a cohesive and enjoyable way. 

The first prototype (Farco-Proto 1) made use of patent-protected technology that may look simple, but it confirmed that nothing in the market at the time was focused on targeting the issue that I had in mind. Unfortunately, the first prototype was extremely inefficient and wasted material in its manufacturing process. While I proved I could make something bendable that could interact with building blocks, I did not feel it was the full solution I envisioned for bridging the gap between the action figure-building block-and bendable toy groups.

Farco-Proto 2 was able to achieve optimal movement for the solid plastic components by spacing each of them out and keeping them loosely fixed onto a single posable component, which I chose to be bendable wire. Unfortunately, the set screws of Farco-Proto 2 were unable to hold the wire against repeated pulling and tugging, marking another failure.

Farco-Proto 3 came to life on November 16, 2021.  I had solved the problem of Farco-Proto 2 using some pretty cool engineering that took advantage of the virtues of the injection molding process about the posable component (here again, a wire). Since I finally designed the product that could be used to bring elements of multiple types of toys together, I dubbed Farco-Proto 3 the Farco Connecto™, a U.S. and foreign patent pending technology.

 Lynx™ Prototype #1.

 Lynx™ Prototype #2.

 Lynx™ Prototype #3.

An up-close look at the final Lynx™ product.


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